Mikey Flowers' Five Bouquets of Love (TM)

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As Featured on TLC Network "Taking Care of Business"

Which stage are YOU in?


THE STOMACH - the bouquet for when you've gone on a few dates and you're so excited you get that funny feeling in your stomach.


THE RED LIGHT - These are the flowers you send her when you had such a GOOD TIME the night before that you don't notice when the RED LIGHT changes and all the cars behind you start honking.


SWEATPANTS - A cozy array for when you've reached that level of comfort where you can stay home in your SWEATPANTS, watch the game and eat pizza together.


THE DOGHOUSE - Let this bouquet say "I'm Sorry" better than you ever could, considering you screwed up in the first place.


MARRY ME - The arrangement upon which all your future arrangments will rest. If she wasn't going to say yes before, she will when she sees this bouquet.

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